Coach – General

Role of Coach

Generally speaking, the Coach works with the players. The Manager is responsible for the rest.

Having said that, how each team organises the tasks is up to them, however it is important to know who is doing what….

The main role of the Coach is to:

  1. train the players to the best of his/her ability
  2. encourage a good sporting attitude and an understanding of the rules
  3. bear in mind that all registered players in the team must be given an equal opportunity to play.
  4. with the Manager, organise the Team Official, a representative for club Coach/Manager’s meetings and parent helpers for the team’s Duty Day
  5. given the above, provide a team environment that encourages players to return next year.
  6. have an understanding of child protection.


Coaching Courses

Coaching courses are run from time to time by Macarthur, and when able, at our club. Keep an eye on the website for information as information becomes available.


Club Coach

The most important resource for coaches, new and returning, is our Club Coach, Alex Sargent. He has a wealth of experience and is more than willing to provide assistance. Alex has put together coaching information covering a range of topics. These are on CD, and you can get them by contacting Alex or a member of the Committee.

You can contact him through, or on mobile 0401 892-241.



Be aware , there is a range of information on the MDSFA Site.

This includes courses, news and policies under which we play.

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